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Hello Everyone,

So, for my final project in my Content Strategy, Development, and Marketing class, I have chosen to use Starbucks as my brand for my final project.  As discussed in my previous blog posts, I will be producing a podcast as my content deliverable and Twitter as my social media channel to promote my podcast.

I will be using twitter to identify my brand to my followers for a multitude of reasons.

1. Twitter has over 645 million active registered users. (Statisticbrain)
2. Twitter’s hashtag system allows for me to communicate directly with individual users and also allows for the creation of trends. (

Stay tuned next for week for my final post for this class.

 Vinny Napoleone

Hello again everyone,

As a continuation of my previous week’s post, I will be discussing the details of my final project in Content Strategy, Development and Marketing class. The brand I have chosen is Starbucks. The deliverable type for my final project will be a Podcast (series).

I chose this deliverable because I feel that this channel has not yet been utilized properly by Starbucks, and it should be. Starbucks has a loyal following, so it should be hard to get people to listen to the podcast series. In addition, Starbucks has been facing some public relations issues over the last few years and this gives Starbucks the opportunity to gain a voice.

Podcasts are easy to track the amount of listeners and could also pay for themselves with advertising. The podcasts will be intertwined with social media accounts, the Starbucks main website, and a corresponding blog. So to sum it up, with the economy in the fragile state that it is on, Starbucks needs a way to maintain loyalty, work on image, and continue bringing in more customers into their stores. These podcasts give Starbucks the opportunity to achieve these long and short-term goals.

Vinny Napoleone

Tonight I will be discussing some important elements of creating a great video interview and podcast. I will also be talking about when I would use these forms of communication. There can be a lot of factors that can play into how a video interview will turn out. First and foremost, equipment can play the most crucial role.


A high quality, high-definition camera now costs less than $300 and can make a huge difference. If you plan on interviewing someone, a tripod is definitely necessary. An external hard drive will help keep your files backed up and organized and should be considered.


Rehearsing and scripting an interview can help keep the video flowing smoothly and will help guide the interviewees towards your goal or topic for that particular video.


While shooting the video, you should be aware of the your surrounds. Those surroundings include lighting, audio, shadows, and background noise. Reviewing each clip before moving on is a good way of knowing that the framing, audio, and video are all proper.

Video Interview

A podcast can be a very useful tool, if done properly. In order to have a successful podcast, one must know what they are trying to achieve from the podcast. Do they want to create a series? Is it to promote a product or brand? Once you know why you are creating a podcast, you can delve deeper into planning and making it great. The length of your podcast is a very important element to keep in mind; a good rule of thumb is under 30 minutes. Make sure that if you decide to use music, it transitions smoothly with the vocals of the podcast itself; try not to make it seem unnatural. Lastly, be sure to review and edit your podcast before publishing it.


Both of these forms of communication are great for adding valuable content. This content is viable to both your audience and search engines. Search engines are looking more and more at videos and podcasts when it comes to ranking websites for content. So make sure that your content has a good title, description, tags, and (when applicable) thumbnail.

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Vincent Napoleone
Content Strategy at Work
This podcast, UIE Book Corner: Margot Bloomstein’s “Content Strategy at Work” helped me realize that the need for a content strategy is important. Margot made excellent points that in small budget and restricted environments, where you may think you don’t need a content strategy, are when you need a content strategy the most. When projects are small, the amount of content is small, so you need to have a large impact with a limited amount of resources. To do so, a content strategy is needed. She also brought up how a content strategy can apply to social media like Twitter and Facebook. The biggest thing that I have learned from this podcast is to look at social media as an investment of
time, creativity, and energy. Her book seems very interesting, I will definitely need to read it.
The Podcast can be found here : UIE Book Corner
Information on her book can be found here: Appropriate, Inc.