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What Is Behavioral Marketing?

Behavioral Targeting Image


Behavioral advertising is when an advertiser delivers you specialized ads based on your browsing history. As a marketer, I love this concept and think that it is revolutionizing Internet Marketing. As an individual, I don’t particularly care for it. There isn’t enough control. There really isn’t any regulatory control, nor is their any user control. There should be some sort of user control panel that must be standard if a user is to be tracked, in my opinion.


I was able to find one way to “opt-out” of what many can say is an invasion of privacy. The NAI(Network Advertising Initiative) is an organization that has a membership of 98 large advertising companies, like Google. The site scans your computer, and informs you to how many of their members are currently tracking your behaviors. You can then easily “Opt-Out” from those companies. One small catch is that this only works for behavioral marketing used with HTTP cookies and offers no defense from other collection methods.


Behavioral targeting is a form of cultural customization. Both cultural customization and behavioral targeting have the same goals. To increase online advertising effectiveness while improving user experience. The only difference between the two is how they get there. Cultural customization targets a used based on their location or culture, while behavioral targeting targets a user based on their Internet history.





Vinny Napoleone