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Tonight I will be discussing the supposed “Death of Flash by HTML 5”. Although HTML5 is growing at a rapid pace, I don’t foresee Flash going away just yet. Here’s why:



A little over one-third of desktop web users are still using Internet Explorer 8 or older, which HTML5’s <audio> and <video> tags aren’t supported. That one-third is a huge amount of people that cannot experience the joys and wonder of HTML5. Flash has a stay of execution on the desktop front for some time to come.


Corporate Setting

According to Luke Reimer of Smashing Magazine, Flash is still growing on a corporate level through rich media, training solutions, and intranet applications. Its extensive capabilities make it a profitable and versatile choice for corporate applications.


Mobile Applications

ActionScript 3 is a great example of how Flash can be a powerful tool for creating comprehensive apps. ActionScript 3 provides excellent performance, has reusable code bases, and can enable highly complex applications with more ease.





HTML5 may be filing its niche in the web design market, but I do not feel that Flash will ever be completely gone. It still serves a purpose and will most likely reinvent itself in the future to fill the needs of the growing interactive media market. Flash brings compatibility across many different platforms and in turn, provides smooth consistency.


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