Each of these photos represent happiness in my life. I am connected to each one emotionally. I am very family oriented, so when branding my image, and myself it is important for all to know that my family is what makes me most happy.


My gorgeous daughter at the beach


The top photo is an image of my daughter at the beach, two things that give me happiness and joy. My beautiful daughter can bring a smile to my face even at my worst moods; the beach is just an added bonus. The second photo shows my love of cars and the happiness that seeing beautiful classic cars brings me. I see the beauty and workmanship of classic cars. Looking at cars like this one fuels my imagination, it puts me in the driver’s seat, picturing what it would have been like to drive this car.


classic car

Awesome car at our local car show


Seeing my daughter’s face in my third photo brings happiness and joy to heart. She loved riding on that horse and being as it was her first time, there could be no way of ever duplicating that exact emotion again.


horseback ride

My daughter riding on her first horse

4th of July is probably my favorite holidays. Aside from celebrating our independence, the 4th is a time to enjoy fireworks! The forth image of the sparkler represents the happiness, excitement and sense of adventure that fireworks bring me.


Sparkler from our 4th of July party

Finally, the fifth image brings out the happiness and excitement that I shared with my Fiancé, just before we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. The adrenaline rush from skydiving is one of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced.



My Fiancé and I, about to jump out of a plane



Through these five photos, there can be more than just happiness being evoked from them. Looking at this last photo reminds me of how exciting it was to jump out of a plane. This can also evoke slight nervousness, as jumping out of a plane can be quite dangerous. The thrill and excitement was well worth the stress. I look back at the picture of my daughter on the horse and see how much she’s grown in the last 2 years since that picture was taken. It makes me proud, happy, and also sad that she’s growing up so quickly. The sparkler image brings me back to when I was a child, when even that small sparkler awed and amazed me.


Each of these emotions are important to me in the business sense. Happiness, excitement, and love can help me in creating one of a kind content that comes from my heart and soul. Consumers are getting tired of generic commercials and advertising that does not hit home for them. They want to feel an emotional connection to products, to brands. These photos will aid in presenting to people that they are not dealing with just another lifeless corporation. But instead, are dealing with a passionate and loving human, that can see the good and the happiness in life’s simple things. Being personal and drawing from the emotions you evoke can create a customer for life, a fan, and a loyal member of your brand.


Emotion can be a very strong tool in any marketing effort. I have chosen to relay happiness as my primary emotion for this discussion, but there are plenty of other emotions that can work well in different situations. Fear, vulnerability, compassion, humor, and frustration are all very powerful emotions, that when portrayed correctly, can touch your viewers’ hearts. A recent blog post I’ve read discusses more in depth about how to add these emotions into your blog. The author’s name is Judy Dunn, and her article can be found here:


Vincent Napoleone

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