The Future of Interactive Media

Posted: August 7, 2013 in School Work
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Interactive Media is developing at an astounding rate, almost too fast to even keep track. As technology advances and the demand for new media continues to grow, Interactive Media will continue to keep us guessing to “What will they think of next?”

What It Means-

Interactive Media, by definition, is basically any type of media (Such as text and images) that allows users to interact with it. This of course is a very basic definition of an extremely complex term. Interactive Media as a discipline overlaps many different fields; from E-Commerce to Journalism and more…

Advancements –

Advancements in Interactive Media include, but are definitely not limited to, Google Glass and Recon Jet. These HUD glasses have a built in screen with the ability to record video and sound, search the web, keep track of your speed, and more. These devices are the future of technology and Interactive Media, but it does raise some serious questions.



Google Glass in particular is receiving some heat about possible privacy issues that can or will arise from their product. This product can collect information as you wander about from other people through facial recognition and other means. Now, you may have signed a privacy agreement with your Google Glass software, but did the random strangers you pass on street sign it too? As Interactive Media tried to become more personalized, I see privacy being the number one roadblock in this sector.

On The Upside-

On a more positive note, I feel that Interactive Media has limitless potential. Being able to interact with computers and each other in unimaginable ways. It’s exciting; there is no doubt about that.


Vincent Napoleone

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