Quick Blog Marketing Tips

Posted: July 31, 2013 in School Work
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Incorporating media such as video in your blog can multiply the amount of visibility your blog will receive. According to custom media labs, casual web surfers spend an average of 40 seconds on a text website and a whopping 5.5 MINUTES on a page with video! It is extremely important when adding videos and other media to your blog to add in tags and as much textual description as possible to help with visibility.

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While researching better ways to market my blog, the article “Effective Marketing with blogs” talks about Technorati. Before reading this article, I honestly never heard of Technorati. So basically, Technorati is a massive index and search engine for blogs. I strongly recommend every blogger to check it out and claim your blog on their site. You can even add Technorati tags to your posts to increase visibility and ranking.

Dawson, T., & Dawson, R. (2007). Effective Marketing with blogs. Eventdv, 20(10), 26-32.
Vincent Napoleone

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