Visual Resume Discussion

Posted: July 17, 2013 in School Work
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Today I will be discussing some pros and cons of visual resumes, as well as comparing it to my LinkedIn profile and listing some jobs that I feel visual resumes are appropriate for.

 Visual Resume Pros:
1. Visual resumes set you apart from your competitors.
2. Visual resumes allow prospective employers to see your creative side.
3. Visual resumes allow you to condense pages of wordy information into a colorful and easy to read infographic.

Visual Resume Cons:
1. Visual Resumes can be hard to edit later.
2. You will still need a traditional resume for most job portal websites.
3. Visual Resumes may not yet be embraced by a particular company or hiring manager.

I believe that any job that entails a good bit of design, technology, or marketing would be a good fit for visual resumes. Very large corporations and government jobs may still require a traditional resume though.

Vincent Napoleone’s LinkedIn Profile

My LinkedIn profile can be considered as both a traditional resume and a visual resume. My profile starts with my picture and a bit of background information about me. The “Experience” and “Education” sections take the form of a traditional resume, listing all of my previous work and schooling experience. My “Skills and Expertise” is an interactive, visual section that changes as people endorse me. My LinkedIn profile also goes beyond both traditional and visual resumes by also listing my connections, groups and who and what I am following.

Visual Resume

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Vincent Napoleone
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  2. As every thing has its pros. and cons, so that visual resume also have some , but it has more pros than cons. most of the time visual resume help you stand out from crowd.

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